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 Vahid Hosseinpour        Ali Saeidi                    Marie-José Nollet Miroslav Nastev  Seismic loss estimation software: A comprehensive review of risk assessment steps, software development and limitations Engineering Structures
Mathieu Fiset       Leandro Sanchez  Sébastien Bilodeau Denis Mitchell Josée Bastien Influence of Alkali-Silica Reaction (ASR) on Aggregate Interlock in Reinforced Concrete Engineering Structures
Chesnaux, R., Marion, D., Boumaiza, L., Richard, S.    Walter, J An analytical methodology to estimate the changes in fresh groundwater resources with sea-level rise and coastal erosion in strip-island unconfined aquifers: illustration with Savary Island, Canada Hydrogeology Journal
Alireza Shahbazi, Romain Chesnaux, Ali Saeidi A new combined analytical-numerical method for evaluating the inflow rate into a tunnel excavated in a fractured rock mass Engineering Geology
Ali Saeidi, Shahriyar Heidarzadeh, Sandra Lalancette, Alain Rouleau The effects of in situ stress uncertainties on the assessment of open stope stability: Case study at the Niobec Mine, Quebec (Canada) Geomechanics for Energy and the Environment
Boumaiza,L.,  Chesnaux, R.,          Walter, J.,                Stumpp, C. Constraining a flow model with field measurements to assess water transit time through a vadose zone. Groundwater
Boumaiza,L.,   Chesnaux, R.,          Walter, J.,                Stumpp, C. Assessing groundwater recharge and transpiration in a humid northern region dominated by snowmelt using vadose-zone depth profiles Hydrogeology Journal
Boumaiza, L.,                    Chesnaux, R.,                    Drias, T.,                        Walter, J.,           Wendling, G. Identifying groundwater degradation sources in a Mediterranean coastal area experiencing significant multi-origin stresses Science of The Total Environment
Labrecque, G., Chesnaux, R.,      Boucher, M.-A. Water-table fluctuation method for assessing aquifer recharge: application to Canadian aquifers and comparison with other methods Hydrogeology Journal
Fiset, Mathieu  Villemure Félix-Antoine  Bastien  Josée     Mitchell Denis Behavior of post-installed bonded bars as shear reinforcement ACI Structural Journal
Shahbazi, A.              Saeidi, A.           Chesnaux, R A review of existing methods used to evaluate the hydraulic conductivity of a fractured rock mass Engineering Geology
Wisen, J.,             Chesnaux, R.,    Wendling, G. Wering, J., Baudron, P., Barbecot, F Water footprint from hydraulic fracturing in Northeastern British-Columbia Environmental Earth Sciences
Ferroud, A.,                Rafini, S.             Chesnaux, R. Using flow dimension sequences to interpret non-uniform aquifers with constant-rate pumping-tests: a review Journal of Hydrology
Chesnaux, R Avoiding confusion between pressure front pulse displacement and groundwater displacement: illustration with the pumping test in a confined aquifer Hydrological Processes
Walter, J.        Chesnaux, R.,    Cloutier V.          Gaboury, D. The influence of water/rock – water/clay interactions and mixing in the salinization processes of groundwater Journal of Hydrology: Regional Studies
Chesnaux, R.   Lambert, M.          Walter, J.            Dugrain, V.         Rouleau A. Daigneault, R A simplified geographical information systems (GIS)-based methodology for modeling the topography of bedrock: illustration using the Canadian Shield Applied Geomatics
Chesnaux, R Closed-form analytical solutions for assessing the consequences of sea-level rise on unconfined sloping island aquifers Global & Planetary Change
Richard,S.K.    Chesnaux, R.   Rouleau, A.  2016. Detecting a defective casing seal at the top of a bedrock aquifer, Groundwater
Boumaiza,L.,  Chesnaux, R.,          Walter, J.,                Stumpp, C. Constraining a flow model with field measurements to assess water transit time through a vadose zone. Groundwater
 Ghesquière, O.   Walter, J.,   Chesnaux, R.    Rouleau, A. Scenarios of groundwater chemical evolution in a region of the Canadian Shield based on multivariate statistical analysis, Journal of Hydrology – Regional Studies


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